“SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards 2016 -International Wine Competition-

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“SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards 2016 -International Wine Competition-

Result Announcement 2016medal

“Sakura” Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2016
Result Announcement
March 31,Details of all award winning wines are uploaded !

We are pleased to announce the result of the awards which were selected among 3,543 items from 35 countries after the tasting assessment held from Jan.30th to Feb.3rd, 2016 as per attached PDF lists.

A total number of entry 3,543 items
A total number of the award winning wines 1,498 items
Double Gold 181 items
Gold 702 items
Silver 615 items


Diamond Trophy and Special awards Grandprix were announced at the ceremony at FOODEX 2016 on the 8th of March.

Diamond Trophy
Diamond Trophy was given to the exceptional wines selected from the Double Gold Awards. In 2016, 36 items were selected.

Special Awards
The Best Women Winemaker
Best wine was chosen from wines produced by women winemakers.

The Best Paring Wine for Asian Foods
- Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Yakitori, Korean, Chinese, Thai-

Best paring wines were chosen from the Asian cuisines namely Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Yakitori, Korean, Chinese and Thai dishes.

The Best Japanese Wines ( Sparkling, White or Rose, Red / 1 item each)
Best wines bottled in Japan.


Award Winners/Results by country

Alphabetical order *PDFPDF
*DG=Double Gold, G=Gold, S=Silver

Award Winners/Wine Details